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Tripkicks provides you with actionable travel insights delivered at the time of booking to empower you with the necessary information for a successful trip.

Follow the 3 steps below to Launch Tripkicks.

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Launch Tripkicks in 3 Steps

Add Extension

Add the Tripkicks Extension for Google Chrome

Enter Email

Go to Concur Travel and enter your work email address in the new Tripkicks banner

Activate Tripkicks

Click the activation link in the Tripkicks Activation email, to open in Google Chrome

Tripkicks Benefits

Lean about how Tripkicks provides you with the insights to travel better.

Learning Resources

View Learning Resources and content to help you use Tripkicks.

Company Hub

View announcements, tips, and content specific to your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refresh Concur and see if the banner appears.  You can also try a search in Concur, and see if the banner loads with the the results.  If you still do not see the banner, contact us us at  Note that when the extension is installed, you will see the Tripkicks icon listed in the browser, like below:

Please allow up to 5 minutes for the email, and check your spam folders in case it was accidently routed there.  The email is sent from .

If you cannot locate it, please contact us at

Refresh Concur, and see if the banner disappears.  If that does not work, try a search in Concur to see if Tripkicks Insights load. 

Make sure that you opened the activation link in Google Chrome.  If needed, you can request a new activation code through the banner.

When you search in Concur Travel, you should now see the Tripkicks Insights banner load with your search results.

Email us at

Currently, Google Chrome is supported.  As support for new browsers becomes available we will let your organization know.  

Please feel free to email with any feedback about the information being presented.  If your question is directly related to upcoming travel, please contact your travel agency or travel manager.


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