Tripkicks Admin Launch Portal

Tripkicks Admin Launch Portal

Welcome Aboard!

Tripkicks provides you with actionable travel insights delivered at the time of booking to empower you with the necessary information for a successful trip.  We hope you’re excited to add Tripkicks to your program, and we look forward to hearing from you about how Tripkicks is making business travel better at your company.

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of Tripkicks integration, and everything you need to launch.  

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Tripkicks Integration


Let's explain how Tripkicks integrates with SAP Concur. There are two components to our integration.

SAP Concur App Center Integration

As an App Center Partner of SAP Concur, Tripkicks leverages Concur's Standard Platform APIs. This allows data to be exchanged between Tripkicks and Concur, and also controls which users can access Tripkicks. Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll authorize access for all Concur Travel users and will stay synchronized with new user activations or deactivations as they occur in Concur.

Tripkicks Browser Extension Integration

Tripkicks uses a browser extension to display data within Concur. Browser extensions are small programs that allow for customization of the web browsing experience. Browser Extensions are often used by companies like Microsoft and Google to extend the functionality of their products. We use it to extend the functionality of Concur. Our browser extension is only active on Tripkicks and Concur sites, and we do not gather any personal information.

Launch Overview

Step 1 – Prepare

Decide how you’re going to deploy Tripkicks to your travelers.  A conversation with your internal IT contact is recommended to discuss the browser extension. We’ve included information below that you can provide IT to assist with that process.  

Step 2Link
Link Tripkicks with SAP Concur by authorizing Tripkicks within the SAP Concur App Center.  Sometimes this is done by your TMC, and you’ll be notified prior to starting Launch if this step has already occurred.
Step 3 – Configure
Perform any optional configurations within Tripkicks through the Administrator setup.  For example, this is where you can create custom messages.
Step 4- Deploy
Deploy Tripkicks for yourself and test it out.  You’ll follow the steps in the Traveler Launch Portal – the same as your travelers.
Step 5 – Communicate
Once ready, communicate to your travelers that Tripkicks is available, and direct them to the Traveler Launch Portal.  We’ve provided some helpful communication templates below.

Step 1 | Prepare

Tripkicks uses a browser extension to display information in Concur Travel.

Currently, Google Chrome is the only web browser that is supported.

In most organizations, browser extensions can be downloaded by users. However, some organizations restrict this access, and when that is the case, IT needs to assist and: :

  • Make the Tripkicks extension available for employees to download, or
  • Push out the Tripkicks browser extension to the employees. A “push” can done by IT using their existing group policy applications.  (This is likely how they manage access to other corporate applications).

If your access to install the browser extension is restricted (you’ll be able to determine that in Step 4), you’ll need to discuss the best options with IT . We’re happy to join you on that meeting, just click link below to set it up.

Step 2 | Link

In this step, you’ll link Tripkicks with Concur Travel, by authorizing Tripkicks within the SAP Concur App Center.  This is done once by an Admin (during Launch) and is not a required step for each user. 

Tripkicks is an App Center partner of SAP Concur, and follows the same activation process as any enterprise App. This step can sometimes be performed by your TMC, and they will let you know when that is the case. If you received an authorization code from Tripkicks, you’ll likely need to perform this step.  If this was already done by your TMC, you can skip.

What is Authorization in the App Center?

Authorization in the App Center allows for the exchange of data between Concur and Tripkicks. This allows Tripkicks to grant access only to individuals who are present in your Concur environment, and stay synchronized as you add / remove users in Concur.

How Do I Authorize?
To authorize Tripkicks, you’ll need a specific authorization code that was provided at the start of Launch.  This code is provided by Tripkicks, or possibly by your TMC.  Email if you need help with your code.
To start the Link process, log in to Concur Travel as an Administrator, and ensure that you have these two permissions to continue:
  • “App Center Listing Administrator”
  • “Web Services Administrator”

If you don’t have those permissions, contact your Concur Admin to request them.  

Next, navigate to the App Center, find Tripkicks for Concur Travel, click “connect”, follow the prompts, and then type in the activation code.  Done!

Tripkicks comes pre-loaded with best practice configurations, but also allows companies to make changes to certain items, like adding custom messages for travelers.

Explore the resources in this section to learn more about which items can be configured. Tripkicks is constantly innovating to introduce new items.

Step 4 | Deploy

Now that Tripkicks is set up, you’re ready to deploy it.

First, test the process for yourself. It’s easy and you can follow the steps on the Traveler Launch Portal .

  • Install the browser extension. Remember, you may need to coordinate with IT if they are handling the install process. This was decided during Step 1 – Prepare.
  • Once the browser extension is installed, you’ll see a new Tripkicks banner within Concur Travel:
  • Enter your email address in that banner, and you’ll receive an email from Tripkicks with a secure activation link.  If you do not receive the email within 2 minutes, please check your Spam filter.  If the email did get caught in Spam, please ask your IT to whitelist that email domain.
  • Open that link in your Google Chrome browser, and you’re all set.  It’s a secure link, which means it can only be used once.

Once you click the secure activation link, and see a Tripkicks success screen within your Google Chrome browser, you’re ready to use Tripkicks!    Conduct a search in Concur and try it out.

Now that you understand Tripkicks, you are ready to make it available to your employees.  

Remember, employees will follow the same Deploy steps that you did, outlined the Traveler Launch Portal.

We have provided some communication templates, along with a banner ad that you can setup to display in Concur:

  • Stakeholder Email:  Designed for colleagues who should be aware of Tripkicks prior to the general employee population.

  • Traveler Email: Designed to announce Tripkicks to all employees. This provides a brief explanation of Tripkicks, along with a link to the Traveler Launch portal to get started. We recommend setting up the Tripkicks Awareness Banner (next), just prior to sending this email.

  • Tripkicks Awareness Banner (in Concur):  Designed to make employees aware of Tripkicks, and provide a link to the Traveler Launch page.  This is particularly helpful for employees who join your organization after the initial Tripkicks launch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Google Chrome is supported.  As support for new browsers is made available we will let your organization know.  

Please check your spam folders for the email.  If you cannot locate it, please contact us at  If the email from Tripkicks was caught in your spam filter, please notify IT and request that they whitelist the domain.

Refresh your Concur page, and see if that banner disappears. You can also try a search in Concur to see if any Insights load.  Make sure that you opened the secure activation link within Google Chrome.  You can request a new activation code during Step 4.

Tripkicks leverages a variety of sources ranging from public sources (e.g., World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins), as well as 3rd party providers such as Travel Risk Management companies, industry associations like ATPCO, GDS’, and visa fulfilment companies.  Tripkicks categorizes and prioritizes data so that the most important information is listed in the banner, and additional content (when applicable) can be found by clicking “More Insights”.  Tripkicks continues to new data sources to expand the available insights and further enrich the traveler experience. 

Tripkicks queries its data sources real-time when a search is performed in Concur.  The majority of information is updated rapidly, as changes are made (e.g., entry requirements, safety information).


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